Project: Zombies

24th June 2016


So a little while ago I started work on a new Project and took allot of time though the last month or so I have kinda Slacked on working on it but its slowly coming along. You probably can get an idea somewhat of what the game is by the title of this post, ‘Project: Zombies’, its a game that I feel there is a decent audience for and a game genre that I do not think has a game dedicated towards it.
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Emblem Creator Asset now available

2nd June 2016


Our Emblem Creator Asset for Unity is now available over on the Unity Asset Store!
You can click the link below.

Asset Store Link

This is the First Official Asset we have released and I do plan for more as they are currently things I will find very useful for some projects I am working on and I’m sure other will too.
There are a few things about this asset I would very much like to change for example the way Saving is Handled as I wouldn’t mind maying the save file Human Readable. Also the Displaying of an Emblem In-Game is probably not very performance friendly as each Shape is a draw-call which isn’t very good though that said making an emblem one draw call really doesn’t solve much if you say have a multi-player game with 16 different emblems that may be using similar base shapes, So as you can see it could be utterly pointless but I do want it to be one draw call.
So expect future updates for the Asset and I am open too feedback and Suggestions over on the forums.


What I’ve been working on

25th April 2016

Hello, this is mostly a short or at-least what I hope to be a short post on what I’ve been working on the last few months.

First up is a Module project called ‘Emblem Creator‘. This is a Module that can easily be imported into a project and used at easy without any tweaking to having to get it too work. This is actually the first project I’ve been working on in this way as typically I would normally just work towards a specific goal which incorporates loads of different things that are different to one another and could be used in other projects too but is a pain and time-consuming effort to move into another project as I would have to remove all the baggage that’s not needed. So I am changing this up and when I wish to make something that might be useful else where too ill make a new project for it and work on it as a single module. read more …


Kyūbu Update

23rd April 2016


Kyūbu was Originally a small project but as Unity3D evolves it got abit more complex as I moved away from using ULink Networking too UNet which is Unity 5’s new Networking Infrastructure and have been having a larger performance hit on the server side than when using ULink which in my opinion for a small fun game should not be the case. I’ve been grinding threw it and find more issues and been resolving those too and hope to have it up and running again soon.